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Nu Skin’s firming specialist formulated with the power of Ethocyn® now also employs our revolutionary anti-aging science, targeting the sources of aging that can lead to the loss of                                                                            BENEFITS

  • ageLOC targets the sources of aging to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging.
  • Featuring the power of Ethocyn, clinically proven to improve the key component of firm skin.
  • Helps contour and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Defines skin around the eyes, neck, chin, and jawline.
  • Helps protect the skin from free radicals.




                                            35 REASONS TO TAKE G3                                                 


1. Prolongs life protecting the body from premature aging thanks to its powerful antioxidant action.
2. Increases energy and strength, especially to fight disease.
3. Makes you feel and look younger. The g3 stimulates human growth hormone, called hormone of youth.
4. Maintains healthy blood pressure.
5. Lowers cholesterol.
6. Reduce the chance of getting cancer.
7. Promotes normal level of blood sugar in adult onset diabetes.
8. Boosts sexual function and treats sexual dysfunction.
9. Help you lose weight.
10. Relieves headaches and dizziness.
11. Relieves insomnia and sleep quality increases.
12. Reinforces eye health and improves vision.
13. Strengthens the heart.
14. It inhibits lipid peroxidation, a cause of heart disease.
15. Improves resistance to disease.
16. Improves cellular immune response T.II: 2, IgA and IgG.
17. Improves weakened digestion.
18. Strengthens the respiratory system and helps in problems of bronchitis and asthma.
19. Relieves anxiety and stress.
20. Relieves chronic dry cough.
21. Improves memory and ability to remember.
22. It facilitates the normal functioning of the kidneys.
23. Strengthens muscles and bones.
24. Improves fertility.
25. Prevents morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy.
26. Treats symptoms of menstruation.
27. facilitates the healthy functioning of the liver and detoxifies.
28. Active anti-inflammatory enzymes.
29. Raise the number of lymphocytes.
30. Form a strong blood as it improves the production of red cells, white cells and platelets.
31. Strengthens the treatment of bone marrow deficiency.
32. Reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
33. It inhibits the growth of tumors.
34. Restores repair cellular DNA and avoiding mutations that can cause cancer.
35. Help in the treatment of cancer.